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Hello. you have found the Archives to the Yahoo Spiritual Board.
I am wanting this to be so much more than just the archives, though. Also, this is of the people, by the people. I am just the slapper together. This not be Beamer's. This belongs to the Fellow Journiers on this Board

Thre are three main sections of this site:

    1.)The Archives:

    Topics Copied by helpful hands from the Amazing Board itself.

    2.) The Archive Realted Section:

    From the varius discussions, there have been numerous websites that have come up in the discussions, as well as those that I have found in my own journey through the Internet. So I shall offer up a link Catagory as well. As well as numerous reading material. I also want to devote a page to an amazing poet we have in our midst and some of his unique insights.

    3.) The Not Archive Realted Section:

    Anything else we can come up with. Such as a Sitemap.

    I have decided to keep an accurate and hopefully fully updated listing of the topics and messages I have Safe and Secure so far. Then if you care to assist me in this endeavour, you will know what work still lies ahead.

The Archives:

The topics are listed below in alphabetical order.

I have opted to only save the topics that actually had responses to them. This was created on 1-16-2000. There may have been topics lost prior to this date and unfortuneatly. many lost since then as well. They are lost and for that I am truly sorrowful, for I am certain that they too contained a wealth of spiritual give and take. Unfortunatly, other Topics I was truly hoping to save have been lost as well since beginning this undertaking. I am certain it is all for a reason, but I truly wish Yahoo was much more understanding with these topics.

The Archive Related Section:

The Not Archive Related Section

The amazing Message board that started all this.

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