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I prayed that God in his / her wisdom would guide me in my search. I found my self searching towards the last third of the Bible. There I found a passage which recounted a story of Jesus walking into the desert. In the desert he found a rock. Under that rock was enough moisture to slake his thirst. The instant I read that passage, my thirst too was slaked. I looked at the passage again and again and marveled at what has just happened. I then knew what I had to do to beat the Devil. 

I hoped that it went as I had planned. I went in and looked in on my wife, not knowing for sure if I would be seeing her again. I know, a bit dramatic, but that was the thoughts running through my head right then. I went out the front door, locked up the apartment and got into our car. What I was in search of was sanctuary, shelter in a church. That was the plan. I knew it could be dangerous driving around at the middle of the night with such a spiritual foe waging war against me, but I knew that was the answer to get through the night. Satan had promised I wouldn't see the morning light. I was bound and determined to make sure I did see the light of Morn, daybreak, that beautiful orange orb glowing in the eastern sky. 

I was figuring tht it would sort of be like in the movies, you know where the guy walks into the church and the priest or the minister shows up, puts his hand on the guys shoulder and says "Whats wrong, my son?" 

Well, I discovered it wasn't anything like that at all, in fact just the opposite and Satan probably knew that. He was certain I was going on a wild goose chase, that there wouldn't be any minister or priest available at 2 am. I must have gone to 6 or 7 different churches that night, nowhere was anybody around. I finally came back home and called up my pastor. His son answered the phone. 

I asked for the Pastor. "Nope, sorry, he's not here. He's out of town." I told the son that I was needing to get inside a church, that it was urgent. Luckily the kid had enough where with all to not be asking a lot of questions, cause I would have been more than happy to tell him, just not so sure he'd like the answers. He finally suggested I might be able to meet with another pastor at another church. He said he would give the pastor a call and give me a call right back. Satan must not have been aware of what was going on. I didn't care. The reason I say that is that in the past, dealing with Evil, lines of communication have been severed at a most dire time. Here the phone lines were trouble free and I couldn't have been happier. I felt a resurgence of strength, but also knew that he was still wearing me down. It was a s though he was riding my back, slowly draining my energy, sapping my strength. I hurriedly answered the phone when it rang. It was the Pastors son with good news. Thank you dear Jesus. He informed me of where to go, that the pastor of that church would let me in to the church. I was relieved. No all I had to worry about was the two of us showing up there safe and sound. I got there ok. I had taken the bible with me and started to read aloud from Genesis. Each word I read gave me that much more hope, each sentence finished meant I was that much closer to that glorious sunrise. I noticed to the east just a faint glimmer of orange. The dark was being replaced with a lighter blue. 

The pastor then showed up. I was very relieved. He had been about 15 minutes late, but that was ok. I had just read more from Genesis. He nodded my way as he got out the car, and I did the same. I must have looked a fright. He asked if I was all right. I said weakly I would be as soon as I got inside the church. He then opened the door and I walked into the chapel. 

Dear reader, words can not express what that feeling was like, walking into that fantastic human structure. Glory personified, I guess. I immediately felt a resurgence of my strength and power. Satan had lost. That bastard was gonna have to try his hand again. I stood there for what felt like an hour, but I am certain it was just a brief moment in time. For then the Pastor wanted to ask me some questions. 

I didn't care. I was alive, the sun was coming up and I would live to see the day out. The grim reaper wasn't getting this victim, not then. I don't remember exactly what was being asked of me, but I didn't pull any punches in my answers. I told it to him straight. There for awhile, each answer raised a new question. He was on a roll. He was going to figure out what my real problem was help me out. What he failed to realize was that the problem had already been cured. The second I walked in that door, it was over for Satan. I don't know how long he questioned me, but I gave him a forthright answer every time. The answers were not what he was looking for. There had to be a real world reason why we had met a such an early hour with me needing to get in his church. But he wasn't going to find a real world answer. By the time he finally gave up, he looked somewhat I must have looked like coming into his building. He looked frazzled, not certain, and concerned all at the same time. His hair was no longer neatly combed as he had ran his hands through it a few times trying to find the answer. I don't think he really accepted what I told him. But I later found out that it had all been planned, at least me getting to him that morning and telling him what I did. He was needing to hear what I had to say and he was needing to think on it quite a bit. 

I finally walked out of his office, and we went up to the alter and prayed. I was still soaking up the energy being provided, so I didn't mind at all. I then thanked him, shook his hand and walked out into the beautiful morning light. I went home and went to sleep. I awoke a short time later and related to my wife what had transpired during the night. I hugged her very, very tight. It was shortly afterwards I was able to communicate with Ishtar again. That was most welcome news as well. 

Then there was the time when I couldn't speak. That was a good one. Satan apparently, or it could have been one of his henchmen, removed my ability to communicate verbally. It took a visit to my church to clear that one up. Of course this cure came to me late at night and proved a bit tricky to meet the pastor at my church to let me inside. I had to get my mother involved and trying to explain the whats and the whys was really a neat trick. Writing notes like crazy. It was such a hoot. 

There was another incident that happened. This led up to be the final confrontation I had with Satan. I had gone to visit some acquaintances across town. As I remember, I had an appointment later on in the afternoon for a job interview. So I had gone over there with the idea of leaving for the interview afterwards. I finished up my visit and started to leave their property. I no more than got out to my car than I became violently ill and wretched at the end of their driveway. My throat felt raw and my stomach hurt afterwards. I hadn't a clue that was coming on and as I drove carefully, I wondered what the cause had been. I hadn't driven very far when I was visited by a rather large booming voice. It sounded very angry and very pissed off. It told me that if I wanted more of that throwing up, just to let it know. He could arrange that. I shined him on and decided to head home, feeling a headache starting. I would call the appointment and reschedule for a better day. As I drove home, this booming voice came to me again ad wanted to know if I wanted my wife and children dead. All he had to do was arrange a car wreck with the car she was. I hurried to get home, feeling more ill. I got home and laid down on the couch. My wife was not at home as she was out doing shopping. I went to sleep on the couch and waited for her to return. 

She awoke me when she finally came home. I told her what had happened after making sure she hadn't been in a wreck. I got sick again and just made it to the toilet. The voice returned back to me later on in the night, threatening me and my family with violence. I finally asked the voice what name it went by. It told me it's name was Lucifer. 

Lucifer turned out to be much more vicious than Satan Lucifer would harass me for the next two weeks, off and on. I had some terrible luck during this time of my life. I am not going to give Lucifer the credit for it. He would have gotten too much enjoyment out of that. I survived that time, learned a lot and carried forth. I then got a phone call. 

The Second Big Kahuna Part 2 

Chapter 10 

That special call, a message from beyond, really stirred things up, but as with many things in my spiritual journey, I had no idea what lied ahead for me. I guess part of the problem was that I was tired when I got it. Part of the problem is as I mentioned before is my gullibility. I also hadn't seen this guy in quite a while and was willing to help him out, if he really needed the help. 

Ok, This is how it went down. I was at home watching TV with my wife when I got this amazing message from someone. I didn't know who it was, just that I knew who it wasn't. It wasn't Ishtar, Satan or Lucifer. It told me that I need to go see Billy Boy. He was needing my help. That he was home right then. To go. 

What I have become very good at since then is communicating with Ishtar about such maters, finding out more info before going headlong into such matters. But I still had this little lesson to learn. I was ready for some adventure of the spiritual kind and was ready and willing to plunge in head first. 

God, I had a lot to learn. I was just about to get the education of my life, big time. I told my wife what happened. I would be back shortly, not to worry, everything would be ok. I went over to Billy Boy's house, up the back, from the alley Like I used to do. I hadn't been to that house in a very long time. It looked different in the back, more shrubage and overgrowth. I wasn't even sure if Billy Boy still lived there or not. I went to the back Door and knocked. 

But sure as shit, Billy Boy answered the door. I looked at him in amazement, partly that it had been true, this message. But also, Billy boy had gained about 40 pounds. His face was much rounder and his belly much softer than last time I saw him. I said how ya doing and walked in. He led me to the kitchen table and we sat down. He was living alone there, his brother was in Germany and his sister was back east somewhere. He was curious what brought me to these parts, seeing as how I had seen him in a very long time, I said you know that is a very good question. I proceeded to kinda sorta fill him in on my spiritual journey, figuring that when all was said and done, it might make things easier. He sat and listened. He was rather accepting of what I said, which I must say I was rather amazed at. I thought for sure I was going to have an uphill battle on my hands, but it didn't happen. I was relieved. 

He then brought forth one of the key ingredients to the nights end result. Liquor He had some whiskey and coke and some Vodka. I took an offering of a vodka and coke with some Ice and sat back down at the table. This was getting to be like old times, except that most of my partying, there in my youth had been with his brother and we had been partying in the bedroom. We had hardly ever ventured out of the bed room except maybe to use the toilet before. I probably had two stiff drinks under my belt when he finally started to loosen up and we got to the meat of the matter. 

His mother had never been a very religious woman. She had hardly ever gone to church and hardly ever read a Bible. But about six months prior to me being there, she had started reading the Bible every day. She even went so far as to go out and get a different version of the Bible and read it as well. Billy Boy didn't talk to his mom a whole lot, apparently, so he never did find out why this sudden change in her behavior. She told him that she was scared, but couldn't tell him why. Her behavior became more and more bizarre. 

By now I was working on my 4th stiff drink. It was getting harder for me to follow the story he was laying out to me about his mother. He then got to a part which suddenly sobered me up a little. She had committed suicide in that very house. She had stood on her bed, with her back to the wall, stuck a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Part of the problem with that was that she had never owned a gun, hated guns, and would never allow for Billy Boy or his brother to have even so much as an air rifle in the house. 

Billy Boy was the one that had discovered his moms body and was the one to clean up the mess after the body had been removed. He never did cry, but his eyes certainly moistened as he told me all this. He then took me on a tour of the house. I should have been going home, but was way to drunk to drive. I got up and stumbled after Billy Boy, another drink in my hand. I normally didn't get drunk when drinking, usually stopping after getting a good buzz on. But I was way too involved to be putting any puzzle pieces together. Here I was absolutely plastered following Billy Bob through this modest middle income house in north east Bakersfield wishing I had drunk so much and was on my way home. It was way too strange a night. It was quite warm in the house and I started to feel a bit queasy I asked Billy Boy if he had any crackers or some bread and he said he would get me some after he showed me this last room. 

You know how in the scary movies the music starts to either get real quiet before the real scary part comes or the music starts building? Well, the background music here would have been doing either of those right now. I followed him towards this door. He paused, said wit here a moment and then went in and shut the door. I waited out in the hall, watching the walls starting to spin. He came back through the door and said for me to enter carefully. I walked through the doorway and instantly noticed that the room was much cooler than the rest of the house. I turned and looked at where he was pointing on the wall, trying to understand what it was he was telling me thru the drunken haze. I noticed a small hole in the wall about a foot and a half from the ceiling. He then stood on the bed and displayed how his mother had ended her life. He started to show me how the blood had sprayed from the back of her head and I rushed out of the room. I felt horrid. I wanted to leave and leave bad. I told Billy Boy that I was sorry, but I didn't feel so good and was going to have to go. 

I somehow made it home in one piece. I don't remember the rest of the night other than my head hitting the pillow of my bed. 

I awoke the next day and tried to make sense out what had happened the night before. The clues were right there in my face, I had all the puzzle pieces,
but being so involved and worried about Billy Boy, couldn't put them together. 

I thought perhaps Ishtar may add some input. I tried and tried to contact him with out any luck. Oh Oh. I didn't like that. I was still in a bit of a fog from the
previous night. I worked on remembering the events of the night. The only thing that made any sense as to when Ishtar disappeared was that room where
Billy Boy's Mom had died. The change in temperature, the extreme feeling of illness that had swept over me so suddenly. That very room was putrid. Why
had Billy Boy shut the door before I went in? Was he making sure everything was setup for me to enter? He hadn't turned on the light prior to me going in.
In fact the room had been dark till right before he had jumped up on the bed. That was another thing, why all the dramatics? That was his mother he was
talking about, not some obscure thing. What possessed him to show me in such graphic detail the events that surrounded her death? Why had he been
acting so odd in that room? I had many unanswered questions about that night and that room in particular. 

I filled my wife in on what had happened. I told her that I needed to go back there, to find out more about that night. No way was I gonna touch any
alcohol. I waited till later in the afternoon and returned to Billy Boy's. No more did I pull up in the parking lot than Satan Came to me in his loud bravado

"Wondering where your precious Ishtar? Are you missing him? Well, I took him from you. He is mine and you ain't getting him back." 

Then a voice which sent chills up and down my spine. "Just in case you thought Satan was alone, he's not." Friggin' Lucifer as well. "Want to come in still
and play?" 

I froze. What the hell was this? Had I found a nest of theirs? Was this where they centered from? Jesus Christ, what the hell was I to do? I stood there for
a while, then Billy Boy came out the back door with a bag of trash. He asked how I was and said he was glad I came back. He had much more to talk to
me about. I wanted to tell him no way on God's green earth was I going to come in that house. I wanted to turn tail and run home. Instead, I followed him
into that damned house. I started to realize the forces at work to force a gun hater to put a gun to her mouth and pull the trigger after reading two different
bibles like crazy before committing suicide. I understood why I couldn't reach Ishtar, and knew pretty well why I had felt so bad in that bedroom. 

I have to tell you dear reader, right now I am not feeling too well. Reliving this particular time is really rough. I thought it would be much easier, because the events were so easy for me to remember. Reentering that house though, was something that went against every fiber of my being. It was hard for me to not tell Billy Boy what I was privy to, where it was he was living. I was thinking that, gee, a nice park far away from here would work for me right now. I sat at
his kitchen table again. We started talking about a variety of things. His time in the army as a tank commander, Germany and all the fights he got into over there. His brother, his sister, Dead Head (Billy Boy and Dead Head apparently spent a lot of time together), his mother. Then we started to talk about the house. We went into the livingroom and sat there. He started to tell me of some of the ghostly visions he had seen and heard, about visitors dressed in Old West Garb that walked through his wall, and some that had stopped to talk to him. 

It was some four hours later that I turned to leave Billy Boys house. Apparently, Billy had his fill of liquor as well, for none was ever offered I got in my car and drove away, glad that neither of my spirit foes had so much as uttered another word. Perhaps my entering the house had gone against what they thought I would do. I had tried repeatedly to contact Ishtar while I was there, but there had been no response. 

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