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I was at a loss as to what to do. What was I going to do to get Ishtar back. That was my main concern. It wasn't about defeating my two adversaries. There was the though of coming out of all this alive, as well. I got to tell you, at this point in time, I did fear a visit from the grim reaper and me not coming through the visit still on this earthly plain.
 I prayed and I listened, seeking an answer. The only thing that came to me was a reassuring calm, that everything was going to work out ok. That gave me a sense of calm, allowed for me to focus and get recentered spiritually. I also felt growth spiritually. Felt stronger in a ways. 
 I returned to Billy Boy's house again. This time he offered me a temporary job resurfacing bowling alleys. It would mean being away from home for about a week. It would mean traveling with Billy Boy for a very long distance. It would mean me not being able to help Ishtar for another seven days. And what if Satan decided to hitch a ride? I needed the money though. It was going to pay very well, for what I was to do. I only had a few days to decided what to do, for they needed an answer. I was to leave in about 4 days, early in the morning.
 I went to my pastor. I told him what I had been through lately, told him all about the battles, the mother's suicide, the job and Ishtar's capture. I listened intently to his answers. He gave me a business card with the church's number on it incase I needed help when I was away. He told me to call collect, that it was going to be ok. We went into the rectory and prayed together. I felt refreshed and empowered for the visit to the hallowed ground inside the church. But I was lacking the answer I needed. He was at a loss as to how I would actually defeat Satan or Lucifer.
So I told Billy Boy I would take the job. I needed the money something fierce. The days passed by slowly. 

Chapter 11
The Battle Royal

 I am getting goose bumps just thinking about what is coming up. It was certainly one of the most pivotal moments in my life, spiritually and in many other ways.
 I awoke the morning to leave north with Billy Boy very early, some 4 hours before I was to meet him to leave for a week. It was about 2 am, dark, cold, and me wondering if I was going to be leaving with Ishtar by my side or not. I prayed for strength, wisdom and calm. I ate some breakfast and got dressed and finished packing. I let my wife sleep. She had a rough night with her asthma and needed her rest.
 I took my luggage out to the car and warmed up the engine. I then drove the short distance to Billy Boy's back yard and got out of the car. I was to meet Billy Boy at 6 am and it was only about 4:30. I tried again to reach Ishtar and again no luck. I was out by the alley, barely on his property. My calling to Ishtar brough an answer which I was fully expecting. Satan.
 He seemed groggy, a bit unsure of what was going on. Perhaps he had a bad night. I really didn't give a shit. It pissed me off that he was able to answer me and Ishtar couldn't. Something told me to reach into my wallet. I pulled forth the business card that the Pastor had given me. I looked at the cardboard and wondered what the hell I was to do with it. I then got the answer.
 At that precise moment I felt more alive, more energized than I ever had. I was alive and full of the Life force and nothing by God was going to take that away from me and I was going to save Ishtar. 
 "Satan" I said aloud. "I found something since we last met."
 "What?" He asked of me.
 "I Found fellowship, you bastard." again, aloud for him to hear plainly.
 "What? How? You?!" He seemed taken back by the news. I felt him stumble, suddenly realizing that something was terribly wrong and he best get his act together quite quickly, but not sure if he knew how to respond. I felt all that from him. I felt disbelief. 
 I felt strengthened by his response and felt my turn into fists. At my elbows, I bent my arms point towards the back of the house and focused. I felt a surge of energy course through my body and felt it directed towards the back of the house. I heard a loud scream, a very painful anguished cry that rung loudly in my ears but I doubt any other human heard it. I stayed focused for what felt like eternity, then I heard another sound which almost brought me to my knees.
 I have to pause here and wipe the tears from my eyes. Writing this book is such an emotional roller coaster. 
 Ishtar's voice told me to stop. I put my hands down and stood there, watching the sun just starting to rise over the house. I stood there questioning what had happened, but knew that the answers would come in due time. Ishtar was free. That was the most important thing. Very shortly after that Billy boy came to the back door. He said hi and I answered. Shortly I was in he back of a van heading north.