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The following is an actual message board that took place. Perhaps in Time I can come up with some brilliant wording to describe this event.
The more that time goes by though, I realize I can't describe this. It just seems so fitting that the Author named the topic what he did and I thought the date this all was started was an appropriate time of year as well, right next to Halloween.
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Posted by:J.1999. 4:44PM - October 29, 1999

...but is true all the same. I first wrote of my experience in the file

'Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?', but I would like some comments or

feedback on my story, so it will become a topic for discussion. It runs

as follows: Once, several years ago, I did in fact come face to face

and speak with a ghost. It was a couple of years ago, when I came

home from a New Year's party, and I went upstairs and into my

bedroom. There I found a very pale, kind of transpanent, man

asleep in my bed. I was stunned, and I didn't know what I should do.

So stepped forward to stand over the bed, and I noticed that he had

no chin. I touched his shoulder with my finger, and he didn't move. I

tried to wake him my tapping him on the shoulder or slapping him,

but he would wake. Finally, I shouted "hey!" and I opened his eyes

and smiled at me like he recognized me. "Yes?" he said. I asked him

who he was and why he was in my bed. He replied that he had been

very tired from his trip, and that he hoped I didn't mind if he might

sleep some more. I told him no, and suggested that he leave. He

then leaped out of the bed and punched me in the face, and I fell

back. Then he did a cartwheel and kind of glided quickly out of the

room. He then proceeded to glide down the stairs and out to the

garage, and drove off in my car, even though I had the keys. I of

course tried to report the car stolen, but I thought they would mock

me when I told then it was a ghost, so I told them my neighbor had

stolen it. They went so far as to apprehend my neighbor, even

though he denied it wholly, and charged him with 14 months under

grand theft auto. But, I never got my car back from the ghost, and

received several parking tickets and maintence fees in the mail

since, and have had to pay them all, so that I might not end up in

the cell with my neighbor, who swore to kill me when he was


LIKE THAT? Really, tell me what you think! Anyone.

Posted by:J.1999. 4:44PM - October 29, 1999

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lisa911 6:54AM - October 31, 1999

J.1999, I have a couple of comments regarding your story. You are

still here. If your story happened several years ago, your neighbour

would no longer be in jail and if he is true to his word, you would be

alongside your nightly visitor. As for the police, they could not arrest

your neighbour had they not had any concrete evidence that he did

indeed pilfer your car. If you had proof your car was stolen, you

would not be required to pay those bills you have received either.

Maybe you had a bit too much to drink that New Years?

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J.1999. 8:31AM - October 31, 1999

What can I say? My neighbor just so happened to be a

member of the city motorcycle gang, and coincidently stole a

car that same night (though not mine). The D.A. considered it

to be the same car, and, against investigation rules, threw

him him jail without the substantial evidence he needed (he

was a very rude guy). I did end up getting the stolen car,

however, which I sold, as well as my house, enlisted in the

Witness Protection Program, and left town. As to drinking too

much, maybe you should ask the GHOST!

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lisa911 9:28AM - October 31, 1999

hahahahaha!!!! You have made my day. I am dying here. Sheesh,

gimme your address and I will come and haunt you. LOL Oh, wait, I

will telepathically know all that info. S'ok, see ya soon. hehe

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tsosie84 12:01PM - October 31, 1999

Well...sorry to say but your experience doesn't sound very

believeable.In that case...I don't believe you.Sounds like a movie I

seen in "Poltergeist".

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J.1999. 12:48PM - October 31, 1999

What's this? How come the truest stories are always the most

unbelievable? HEY! If WPP (Witness Protection Program)

rules prohibited me, I could actually show you surveilance

videos of this ghost guy driving into gas stations to fuel up

ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY! If fact, they have even tracked

my car and the ghost who stole it all the way to Novascotia!

Now, tell me this is still a joke.

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J.1999. 12:59PM - October 31, 1999

P.S. Sorry, lisa911, to hear you are dying. How did this

happen? (As a side note, could you look into finding my

ghost when you're gone?)

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joker.jack. 1:12PM - October 31, 1999

DUDE! I so believe you! That was a cool story!

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lisa911 3:59PM - October 31, 1999

I sure can, hun. I mean, who is better at catching a dead person

than another dead person? Is there a reward in this for me? Do I get

your soul when I capture the "elusive car thief?" In all honesty, I am

very open-minded but anyone in a WPP never speaks of it. Do you

have any idea how easy it would be to locate you using this little pc

on my desk? You are a hoot though. :-) And don't fret, that other

guy believes ya. <wink> Regards, Lisa :-)

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J.1999. 4:52PM - October 31, 1999

REWARD! For Any Information leading to the arrest of one

"ghost", last seen in the Nova Scotia region. Reward: $100

for ghost. $500 for the repossession of one '71 Blue w/ yellow

daisies VW Lovebug, license number DISCORLS.

Communitcate to the NSPD (Nova Scotia Police Department)

or contact the WPP with any information. Thank you.

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J.1999. 4:59PM - October 31, 1999

Ha! Maybe you forgot that I had my name changed, so there's

no WAY you could locate me! J.1999 isn't even my real,

changed name! Ha! But anyways, if you could be so helpful,

could you ask around for a ghost- kind of tall, 6-8 feet, white

hair, pale, transparent skin, non-distinctive chin, redish eyes,

maybe wearing a my Elvis watch with real working

'Heartbreak Hotel' alarm. His name is not known, ask around.

May be listed under Fyodor at the Nova Scotia Ritz Motel.

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Beamer 5:57AM - November 08, 1999

J.1999, I don't know what to think. You are either very creative or

have about the worst luck. Have you ever heard of Art Bell. He

would probably love to interview you on his Radio program. Just

when you think you've seen or heard it all ....

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solstyse 11:07AM - November 08, 1999

You're right, I don't believe it. I don't believe anybody could be a big

enough jerk to have an innocent person charged with grand theft

auto. If, however, that is true in your case, then IMO it's a shame the

"ghost" didn't knock your head off.

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J.1999. 6:19PM - November 08, 1999

Dear Solstyse: I resent your comment VERY much. Perhaps you

didn't read that my neighbor which I happened to incriminate for the

ghost's (who goes by "Fyodor") crime, actually did steal someone

else's car that very night (he his a member of the town's motorcycle

gang)! SO, maybe you shouldn't think it so bad that I actually sent

him away for a crime that he DID commit, although not the same

crime, and that he DID go to jail for 14 months for stealing my car,

although it was not my car but someone else's, but is a stolen car all

the same. Also, I do believe that my ghost happened to plant some

evidence at his house that very night I charged him with the crime,

for the next day when his house was searched they found my

vehicle registration and keys on his coffee table, not to mention my

pair of big fur dice!

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J.1999. 6:29PM - November 08, 1999

This to 'Beamer': I appreciated your comment very much, and

am sorry to say that I checked with my WPP (Witness

Protection Program) supervisor, and he said that under my

circumstances, I could not be allowed to appear on any radio

or television show of any kind, not even 'Wheel of Fortune',

not even if I changed my name for the third time or had my

skin pigment altered. On the brighter side, however, there

may be that chance for 'Wheel of Fortune' when this whole

thing blows over! :-)

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Beamer 9:06AM - November 09, 1999

I have experienced many unexplained phenomenon. I have

communicated with various individuals in real life and on the Internet

about such matters. (Mostly on the Internet.) I feel as though I am an

old soul that has lived past lifes. But I have never heard of an

experience such as what you have encountered. Being physically

punched in the face is one thing, but then to have your car stolen by

a non physical entity has got to be one of THE Strangest things that

I've ever heard of. I can only assume that it is because of what you

went through with this experience that you are under the secret

witness program.(Or was it due to your neighbors threat?) How

absolutly bizarre. If this is true, all I can offer is that you must have

some extremly strong shoulders, for God will only load you with what

you can bear. That and what does not kill us only makes us

stronger. I hope that you have some release, some way to vent this

oddity. For if I was experiencing what you have, I would surely start

to question my sanity. My prayers will be with you.

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J.1999. 6:35PM - November 09, 1999

Dear 'Beamer': You might have something with your idea that I

have strong shoulders. I have been known to shrug quite

extrodinarily at times. You also asked about my experience having

lead to my current position (which will remain confidential). I do

believe I first referred to that in one of my earlier comments (#2), in

which I was forced into a the position of removing myself from

society, or risk being taken by my ex-neighbor (who was indeed a

very rude guy), who I happened to incriminate with a false--though

not entirely false because he did steal a car, but not my car, but we

won't get into that--crime. I do think I should admit now, to you all, for

now is the best time as any, that- I am the target of an international

crime ring of spiritually-advantaged poltergeists and other such

ghosts. This I can claim for a fact! Some of you might know of my

one such experience with a ghost [refer to the topic- "Possessed,

have you ever been?"] where I elated the fact of my being

possessed at one time by a ghost who was left-handed. I awoke one

morning to find that when I was writing my scriptural parchments-

that I could not long write right-handed, but only left-handed (I also

lisped at certain times, but that might be something different). There

was also a time when I dreamt of being abducted by an alien in the

Tunisian desert [here refer to the topic- "aliens/UFOs"] - that was a

dream, but still very realistic. Not to mention the facts that several

times at night I have been awaken by a ghost calling up on the

phone, and asking- sarcastically- "Do you have any Gray Poupon?"

This actually might have been more that one ghost. But know you

know the truth, and the awful and really real truth at that. In all

sincerity, J.1999 (soon to be 2000)

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J.1999. 7:10PM - November 09, 1999

Great news!!! I have just found out about an hour ago by my

WPP agent that my recovered along the Canadian

East-to-West highway after an extended chase by the ghost

and the police and WPP agents. After several hours of close

chasing chasing, in whch the ghost was unable to find an

exit, the car seemed to slow somewhat, swerved off the

road, still racing across the plains, and down a slope, where

it tumbled for a hundred feet. The car is pretty badly bent up,

the radio doesn't work either, and is unusable. I am perhaps

thinking of selling on the internet at ebay, because I cannot

use it now. ALSO I have learned that the ghosts actual

identity may have been found at one of the last rest stops in

Quebec. His name is not 'Fyodor' as originally I

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P_ReesePhD 7:51PM - November 09, 1999

NOTICE: The New Jersey Correctional Facility for the Insane, as

part of the American Psychiatric Association, regrets to inform you

of the detention of Mr James Darrin, AKA J.1999. He has been

currently under going treatment at the facility, and has been placed

under full confinement. Mr James Darrin will not be permitted to

communicate here after, until the designated time of his release.

The New Jersey Correctional Facility apologies for the public

disturbance, and has taken action in addressing the matter. Thank

You. Dr Philip Reese, Psychologist Treatment Center of the New

Jersey Correctional Facility. Newark, NJ

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Beamer 9:16PM - November 09, 1999

You Know...That's what I love about this Internet. Never know just

who you may have an encounter with.

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